Science in its true meaning is always to accept the real truth and to validate the truth based on the truth already known.

Therefore, anything beyond comprehension, anything beyond validation due to its unfathomable existance or undiscoveredness is to be considered as beyond science.
If we can not prove due to our limitations, they do not  become unreal or real. Therefore, we can not prove whether our ability is a true criteria, which involves all our methodologies and experimentatinal capabilities. Because several accidental discoveries were not actual derivations. They were brought into light from nowhere(?). Time has passed and we have uncovered a lot. We are yet to prove if it was by our merit that these things (all scientific inventions and discoveries) have been brought to the light. Yet we stand good and boast that we are following a perfect method to invent/ prove/ discover/ solve / question / verify / consider or discard.

Now it is only a reminder of our own limitations. irrespective of whether we are called to prove it or not.

:  – Rajesh Johnson Dcunha

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