Welcome to Karnataka Science Website.
Science is the only possible, acceptable and logical way to discover the truths in the material world. The ways of finding truth beyond the limitations of human perceptions by means of scientific methods seems to be promising. However, science can not be blamed for what man does with it. It is upto us to use the knowledge in accordance to the wisdom rather than looking for greedy profits which may result in to problems.
Today’s Science is actually more than sufficient for humans to live a better than ever life. But, improper use of scientific technology aiming only the commercial aspects has posed several challenges, which puts a stress on system, demanding solutions for problems which were actually created by the misuse of science. Instead of rectifying those, we are looking for alternate solutions in the modern world, thus we go for pollution control, health support, revitalization, reforestation, population control, rain water harvesting, etc which are essentially necessary now. But we should remember that our ways would have been better, and those patch up methods would not have come in to practice.
Let us look at science in a new prospective of careful and life sustaining viewpoint.